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A Better Life For Children

Additional People

  •  Mr. Guérin Pierre - Secretary

  •  Mr. Menec Nolwenn - Treasurer

  •  Mr. Pouvreau Régis - Associate Treasurer

  • Mr. Pouvreau Gilles - Associate Secretary

  • Ms. Sylvie  Masson - Advisor to the Members

  • Mathis Spanneut - Website

Our Team
About Us

A Better Life For Children is a non-profit organization that originated in France but has since expanded globally. Our mission is to improve the living conditions for kids in Congo and Madagascar by:


- Building schools and sending necessary materials so kids can reach their full potential


 - Making it easier to obtain clean water


- Implementing solar panels and hydroelectric power for electricity


 - Building a hospital so women can have kids and the sick can be treated 

Contact Us

Address: 55 Rue de Verdun 44210 Pornic, France


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