Main Locations - Madagascar

All the following projects are located in one of the two places labeled on the map:

Ampasimaneva - A village in the eastern region of Madagascar. It has a population of approximately 2000 inhabitants and is situated at a distance of 180 km from the capital of Antananarivo.

Ambinda - A village in the north-western region of Madagascar. It is extremely rural and contains little infrastructure as it always gets hit by intense weather.


Link to video made by the team in 2015: "Is Madagascar Burning?"

Ampasimaneva Projects

Location: Ampasimaneva, Madagascar


Objectives: A recent cyclone has hit Ampasimaneva so we are keeping an eye on the projects we have finished to make sure they are still running properly. These projects include: building a school, making a hydroelectric power generator, building a health center, and implementing potable water.​

Video link:

Welding Workstation

Location: Ampasimaneva, Madagascar


Objectives: Financing and installing welding workstations for the villagers.

Shipping Containers

Location: Ampasimaneva, Madagascar


Objectives: Last year we shipped a container with 1250 school books, 300 kg of clothing, shoes, glasses, etc to help improve the living conditions in multiple villages and improve the education of the students at the schools we've made.

Ambota Volunteering

Location: Abota, Madagascar


Objectives: A Better Life for Children often sends volunteers to help the Abota Village.


Location: Ambinda, Madagascar


Objectives: Create a school for young kids so they can have a positive effect on the generations to come. This will help bring Ambinda out of poverty in the long run as the students will learn useful skills which will improve the economy.


Solar Power

Location: Ambinda, Madagascar


Objectives: Install solar panels to bring power to the school and the nearby village. This will not only help the people of Ambinda in advancing their economy but will also help the world in using renewable energy.


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Main Locations - Congo

Malandji Makulu - A village in Southern Congo that has gone through periods of instability which makes it hard to advance economically.

Malandji Makulu

Solar Electrification

Location: Malandji Makulu, Congo


Objectives: Utilizing solar electrification to power the village. This will help make tasks easier or villagers while also keeping an environmentally friendly outlook.

Soccer Field

Locations: Malandji Makulu, Congo


Objectives:  Construct a soccer field by first flattening the ground and then plating seeds for grass to grow. Hundreds of locals have volunteered for the creation of this field as it will create entertainment for players and spectaters. 

Potable Water

Locations: Malandji Makulu, Congo


Objectives:  Build 4 additional water stations throughout the village. This water will help locals in farming efforts as bringing potable water to the village will save the locals lots of time.

Agriculture Classes

Locations: Malandji Makulu, Congo


Objectives: We have finished building the adult education center and are now teaching classes on agriculture. This will help locals recover from the recent war and will make food less scarce and more attainable to villagers.


Planting Trees

Locations: Malandji Makulu, Congo


Objectives: We are planting 17,200 perennial trees such as coffee trees, palm trees, acacias. These trees were bred in our nursery.

Village Agronomist

Locations: Malandji Makulu, Congo


Objectives:  We have hired an agronomist for the village to work on sustainable farming and making plantations more efficient.

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